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1. Meet & Go

Meet&Go is an hourly rental room with a diaphanous area of 90 m2 with capacity for up to 30 people. It is a versatile space, oriented to meet the needs of companies and individuals who need a rental office by the hour, or a room equipped for holding meetings, conferences, training, workshops or any type of event.

The room is air-conditioned and has high-speed Internet access (fiber optic) via WiFi or network. It is also fully equipped with chairs, work tables, projector, 65″ TV screen, Nespresso coffee machine, microwave, fridge, lounge area and coffee corner.

You can consult all the details and features of the room HERE.

2. Is the space shared?

No. Meet&Go is a rental room exclusively for each client. Once you have booked the space, you will have a personalized access code just for you and the people you decide.

3. Can you visit the space before booking?

Yes, when booking, you will have the option of adding an extra to visit the room. Paying this extra 3€, you would be able to visit the room (checking previously that it is not occupied) and you can see it for 10 minutes to imagine (if you have not already imagine it with the photos) how your event will be in Meet&Go.

If you see that the room is fine but does not fit your event, you will have 30 minutes to cancel the reservation at cost, that is, we will only apply the minimum costs.
If there, you want to call us for a question… call 935 384 993 and we’ll try to help you from a distance.

4. Is it allowed to entry food & drinks in the room?

Yes. We have a specific area to organize coffee breaks plus the room is equipped with Nespresso coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator and lounge area with sofas.

We also offer as an additional service a catering service. For more information send us an email to info@meetandgobcn.com or call us at 935 384 993.

5. Are pets allowed in?

Yes, but with prior permission. Send us an email specifying the type of pet and the specific needs that the animal may require to the email info@meetandgobcn.com

Also remember that the room must be in perfect condition and that you will be responsible for any possible damage that your pet can make in the furniture, walls, etc…

6. Can photos of the room be taken?

Yes. You can take as many photos as you want in our facilities. And if you want to do a professional photo shoot, we also offer an additional service of conditioning the space for the realization of photo and video shoots with a lighting equipment composed of 3 spotlights and a backdrop in white, black or chroma.

1. How to book the room for the first time with Meet & Go?

Booking the rental room by the hour with Meet&Go is very easy.
  1. Select the day and time slot of the reservation.
  2. Fill in your contact details: name and email.
  3. Use any of the available payment methods to complete your reservation.
  4. Receive your confirmation by email and later the Meet&Go team will contact you to accompany you in the check-in process.


2. What payment methods are available?

For Meet&Go, security during the payment transaction is essential, so we offer you three secure payment methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit or Debit Card and BitCoins.

Payment data is confidential and is transmitted directly and encrypted (SSL) to the managing body.
In case of payment in BitCoins, the reservation will not be effective until the payment is made and the amount indicated is in the corresponding Wallet. The customer must send the proof (screenshot) of the operation to info@meetandgobcn.com.


3. What is the minimum reservation time?

The minimum reservation time of the room is 1 hour. The reservation is only allowed in minimum bands of 1 hour. The extension of the room’s reservation time is also done in full time slots as long as there is availability.


4. How does the time reservation extension system work?

If you have made a reservation or you are already in the room and you anticipate that the meeting or event will be longer than planned, you can check the availability of the room in order to extend the reservation time in minimum 1 hour slots. Once consulted and if available, the payment of this extension will be made as if it were a new reservation.


5. How to access to the rental room?

You can access to the room with a code that will be sent to the customer once the reservation has been made and the payment of it. The code that will be assigned to you is only valid for that day and those specific hours, so it will not be accessible outside the time reserved space.


6. Can I share the access code?

Yes, you can share the access code with the attendees of the event, although it should be noted that the person responsible for the access will be the person contracting the reservation in case of damages made by someone who has accessed with that code.


7. Can I issue an invoice for the room reservation?

Yes. Meet&Go is a room for meetings or corporate events. In your user panel you must fill in the fields related to the tax data of your company to generate the invoice and download it in PDF format. In case of any problem, you should send an email to info@meetandgobcn.com and we will forward it to you without problem.

1. What are the conditions for cancelling the room?

After making a reservation, it is possible to cancel the reservation. However this is the cancellation policy:

  • If the client made the reservation with prior visit to the facilities and in that visit realizes that the room does not fit him or her, he or she will have a refund of 75% of the amount if he or she does it during the 30 minutes after the visit is made.
  • If the client cancels with a minimum of 10 days in advance, a 50% refund of the amount will be made.
  • If the client cancels with a minimum of 5 days in advance, a 25% refund of the amount will be made.
  • No refunds will be made less than 5 days before.


2. How does the time reserved extension work?

If you have made a reservation or you are already in the room and you anticipate that the meeting or event will be longer than planned, you can check the availability of the room in order to extend the time of the reservation in minimum 1 hour slots.

Once consulted and if available, the payment of this extension will be made as if it were a new reservation.

1. Office supplies

At Meet&Go we have sheets and pens, as well as markers for the board for common use.
If you need it, we can have other materials such as binder, guillotine, plastics, folders or filing cabinets.

2. Reprography service

Are you making a presentation and you forgot the documents to deliver to the meeting attendees in your office? No problem, in Meet&Go, you will have a laser printer to print in black toner, using the code to entry the rental room. You will then be billed for extras based on the printed sheets.

3. Catering service

We offer you the additional Catering service to make your event a success. We offer customizable options and packs so you can choose the one that fits your needs and tastes best.

4. Phots / video shoot / streaming event broadcasting

At Meet&Go we have a professional lighting kit for photography and video, which can be hired as an extra service. We also have a professional to perform photography and video services, as well as editing to remember the event and / or make portraits or product photographs.

This service must be hired well in advance since it must be managed with the professional’s agenda.

5. Cleaning service

It is important that before leaving, you leave the room in the same conditions as you found it, otherwise this service will be charged with penalty.

If your event includes catering or other activities that can dirty the room, it is advisable to hire this service in advance, although you would be careful, maintaining the cleanliness of the space can be complicated in the hustle and bustle of the event.

Although there is always a minimum cleaning before each room hiring, a superficial cleaning is not the same as a global cleaning for having performed an event. Therefore the additional cost will be billed to the customer.

6. Parking

Although there are several parking facilities in the area, they may be complete the day of the event. So, in case that you need parking space, you can book the spaces in a parking lot very close to Meet&Go to make sure you have a parking spot available.

7. Others

If your event requires the use of specific materials, has any technical or other need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Send us an email at info@meetandgobcn.com or call us at 935 384 993 and explain what you need; our events department will surely meet your needs.