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The digital transformation in which the vast majority of companies are immersed has caused the number of professionals needed to fill new jobs to skyrocket. Today the number of places available in the digital sector (marketing, advertising and ICT skills) exceeds the number of profiles available on the market. There is no doubt that the great accelerator has been the pandemic, and it has been as a result of this that the European Union has promoted a series of aids and subsidies to create and cover the demand with these profiles. Some of the most ambitious projects are aimed at SMEs, and in this way contribute to the digitization and modernization of small businesses. To do this, grants can be requested through the Digital Kit on the Acelera Pyme platform.
Other types of aid are aimed directly at citizens and the unemployed in particular: training services for the unemployed in the digital economy and training services for youth employment (youth guarantee). The content and topics of these courses are related to transformation and the digital economy, with a practical approach, aimed at the labor market and to obtain the knowledge and skills required in the digital profiles most demanded by companies. It also offers a job orientation service aimed at job search and improving the employability of the participants.
At Meet&Go we are very proud of this as we have been an active part of these initiatives through the organization of different training courses in Barcelona. Our meeting rooms have everything you need to carry out these training sessions. The technical requirements for homologation have been drawn up based on aspects such as: available space, accessibility, ventilation systems and natural light. In addition, we have provided all the students with the necessary computer equipment to carry out the course.
If you are looking for a meeting room in Barcelona to organize a course or training, Meet&Go offers you everything you need at a very affordable price.
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