The importance of an offsite event and how to organize it in a coworking

Surely you have ever heard of team building or how to work actions between employees to improve the relationship between them and therefore, productivity in the company. Today we go a step further and tell you what the offsite meeting consists of. Do you want to organize it in a coworking? So read on.

What are the offsite meetings?

They are meetings or work meetings that take place outside the usual environment of employees. We often underestimate the opinions, ideas or initiatives of our employees because we do not have the right environment, time or space to share these aspects with them. But did you know that many of the best business decisions come from the initiatives of a company’s own employees? That’s right.

An ideal time to share this employee knowledge is through offsite meetings. In these meetings it is proposed to carry out tasks different from those that are done on a daily basis, to arouse the interest and creativity of each of them.

Taking advantage of an employee’s good idea can mean the growth or development of a company or an improvement of work in the form of satisfaction for workers. Because good ideas don’t always come from managers, but can come from all levels of the organization.

Usually the most innovative companies and those that bet more on the talent of the employees are those that are used to doing this type of activity.

Offsite events are usually held in coworking work spaces, in outdoor spaces such as the mountains or in sports or gastronomic spaces.

What are the advantages of an offsite meeting?

Here are some of the main advantages of holding an offsite meeting, whether in a coworking space or another type of space:

  • Improvement of the working climate: freed from the worries and obligations of the day to day, employees are more willing to share their more personal side and therefore to strengthen relations between them
  • Sense of relevance: listening and valuing each of the employee’s ideas or opinions about the company enhances their sense of relevance to the company and its management teams
  • Drive innovation: Being in a relaxed working environment helps to participate and not reserve opinions
  • Improvement of the corporate image: employees and stakeholders of the company will have a perception of working for a company committed to employees and who bets on their talent
  • Retention of talent: employees feel more valued and therefore consider themselves more loyal to their company

Ideas for organizing an offsite meeting

There are many different types of offsite meetings to achieve the objectives set. Depending on these objectives, different activities and customized solutions can be proposed for each company. Among others, we highlight the following:

  • Workshop: to deepen into a topic or business focus area of the company
  • Training courses: to share news and trends in the sector
  • Brainstorming: to look for creative solutions and ideas to a business proposal
  • Role Play: to change common tasks and work teams
  • Sport or gastronomy: to improve and strengthen personal relationships between employees or teams

Why organize an offsite meeting at Meet & Go?

At Meet & Go we have a workspace designed especially for those companies that want to hold an offsite meeting. Privacy for this type of event is key and in our case we offer you an exclusive space that you will not share with anyone else.

The size of the space (100 m2) allows an attendance of up to 30 people who can work individually, in pairs or in teams. We have a rest area with sofa to disconnect or rest, a coffee corner to take a well-deserved break, and other spaces to create and share. In addition, we can provide the most suitable services for this type of event:

  • Catering: we prepare breakfast, brunch or food. With your preferences or tastes (let us know if there are intolerances among attendees)
  • Photography: we offer you a photo and/or video service exclusive for your event, so you won’t have to worry about taking photos or videos with your mobile
  • Cleaning: at the end of your session, a cleaning team will be responsible for collecting and cleaning all the space used.
  • Parking: just 20 meters from Meet & Go we book as many car or motorcycle parking spaces as you need

Let Meet & Go take care of it and focus on your business goals


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