Feng Shui as a productive element in work spaces

You’ve probably heard the word Feng Shui many times in your conversations, but you’ve rarely thought how important it is to your business productivity. In this post we explain how to enhance this technique through work spaces.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that seeks the balance of vital energy through the distribution and orientation of spaces. Feng Shui is the art and science of organizing and designing environments that improve the optimal flow of energy. Understanding this statement requires two things: 1) that you believe that energy flows from the universe, and 2) that you believe that there is a way to harness that energy.

This technique is applicable both in personal homes and in work spaces. We will now focus on the latter, which relates to the business world.

Feng Shui within an organization becomes an essential element to minimize the negative effects of certain areas and to enhance other more productive areas. We highlight above 2 other key points where the greatest sensitivity to energy is concentrated: the main entrances to the office (from the street) and the meeting rooms where important decisions and negotiations are made.

Promoting good Chi in these areas can have a strong impact on the productivity and development of any business activity. Using the principles of Feng Shui in the distribution of the workspace, can avoid the most common errors that lead to the decrease of sales, the low motivation of the employees or the inefficiency in the different work processes.

At Meet & Go we have created our workspace with the highest quality standards, but also taking into account key aspects of Feng Shui for business. Among others, we have been guided by the following:

  • The energy must flow through space, it must enter and not leave.
  • The access door is better to be wide and unobstructed, to generate good luck, and it is ideal to open inward, and so break through for Chi in a relaxed and comfortable way (doors too wide or high, help to escape the good energy, and the escape of fortune; should be wide, but always proportional to the size of people).
  • It is recommended that when entering should be a reception space, large entrance area and where the waiting is pleasant, for example, include a sofa or comfortable chairs with plants as decoration.
    The objects and furniture of offices and businesses should always be rounded, never end in point, because they generate “arrows” of negative energy and above all prevent these points from pointing to the front door and people. 

When we talk about business, applying feng shui energy will allow us to attract more customers, better sales, increase profits, make the people who work in our business more happy, with this you will gain productivity and of course greater efficiency in your work.

At Meet & Go we want you and yours to have a happy and energetic visit to our workspace. Because if you are able to generate and harness positive energy, the success of your business… is on the way!

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